How To Setup Your MMM Account

How To Setup Your Account

Before you start to Provide Help (PH) you should specify the account number where you want to receive money from other members of the Community. You can specify a bank account and/or bitcoin address (you can specify one. It mustn’t be the two).

Now, click “Accounts” in the top menu in your Personal Office (PO). Then you will be on the “Personal Accounts” page. As shown in the picture below then click “Add”.

Then fill in your details as shown below:-

1. For Naira Bank Details: - Please follow the sample below. For the BIC code, please google for your bank’s code or you can contact (contacts details bellow) me to help you get it.

For Bitcoin wallet Details: Please follow the sample below.

Once done with filling your details, click "Save"

NB: If you are a Nigerian, its not a most you have to setup or add your bitcoin details because only your bank details is enough but if you prefer participating or giving your donations in bitcoins, then you are free to add your bitcoin details as well.

None Nigerians ensure your add bitcoins details as shown above.

To simply REGISTER click here

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