How To Provide Help (PH) - Deposit In MMM.

How To Provide Help (PH) - Deposit.

Follow this link to Login:

1. Go to your dashboard and click the big Green button that has “Provide Help” written in it.

Then follow the directions shown in the pictures below:-

2. In the new appeared window, tick the box that you are aware of all the risks and click “Next"

3. On the next page you have to choose the way u want to Provide Help (PH). If you want to donate with Bitcoin select “BitCoin” and if is with Bank, select "Other bank" scroll down and click “Next

4. On the next page, enter the amount which you want to provide help with, then click “Select”

5. Once you click "Select", the amount will appear under and re-input the amount in the below box before 'current growth of 30% per month' as shown in the image below, then click 'Next'

6. Check the correctness of the information: whether you really want to provide help for that amount and for this mutual aid program. If everything is correct, click "Next".

7. On the "Dashboard", under the button "Get Help", you will see the active (of green color) request for providing assistance. ‘Active’ is a request that has already been created, but not been executed yet (not completed).

Once gotten here, you then need to wait for an order to come in. In the order you will get the bank details or bitcoin address of the person to send your PH funds to.

NOTE: - Your bitcoin or bank account is MMM’s account. MMM has no central account. So keep the funds intact till when the order that will show who to send it to will come in.
This can take form 1day to 3weeks. BUT the good news is, your money starts growing from the day you provided the help and you have it on your dashboard as shown above. So, it’s a WIN-WIN situation
Ensure you login to your account at least once a day so as to know when your PH order come in. Why? You have maximum 36hours for bitcoin and 48hours for bank payments. But you also have an option to extend it by 24hours too if you so want. ( For extension, you need to contact the recipient of your donation to extend for you.
NOTE:- Failure to pay to the shown account details on your PH order within the stipulated time, MMM WILL BLOCK YOUR ACCOUNT. Please ensure your meet up with the time and don't Provide Help (PH) what you can't pay!!!
Once the order to send the money to another participants comes in, you will see it in your PO as shown below:

8. Click on the order and you will see the contacts of the recipient and the data of his account where you will need to transfer the money to.

Make the payment to the account. After you transferred/deposit into the money to the recipient, please click on the order and in the opened window "Detailed order information" click "I completed this payment".
Attach your payment proof screenshot (you can use your phone’s camera to snap and upload this), then scroll down and click “Next”

You indicated that you have made the payment, and the circle on the left of the order will be half-green. As soon as the other participant will confirm receipt of the money, order will be executed and the circle will become completely green.

Once the recipient confirmed reception, your Mavro will turn green. Click on “Mavro” tab at the top of your PO to see your Mavros. 

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