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I got this from a friend; hope it blesses you too as it did bless me...

I've met singles who seem to have some misconceptions about chastity. I've decided to share some with you today and I trust they'll be helpful one way or the other.

1. Chastity isn't the only thing you need to have a great marriage. Some are just all about keeping themselves that they forget to add value to themselves. I've heard cases of people who got married as virgins but their tongues were weapons of mass destruction, which eventually led to destroying their homes. Though the #ICanWait Campaign seeks to promote chastity, however, don't think we're saying that's all you need to have a good marriage. Please, by all means possess all other great attitudes. Don't be chaste in body but empty headed too. I can't imagine marrying someone who has nothing meaningful to contribute to our discussions.

2. Chastity doesn't guarantee a good spouse. My brother, my sister, you must to shine your eyes when choosing your spouse. You may end up in the hands of the most promiscuous person if you don't apply wisdom. In fact, some very flirty folks are seeking to marry decent people who can be faithful to them while they continue with their freelance sex career. This is why some come to church to learn the songs, verses to quote, and clich├ęs just to get someone decent. Of course, sometimes they also aren't lucky. They meet their type right in the church!

3. Be chaste for yourself. I've seen people saying they're keeping themselves for their spouses. It's good. However, chastity is primarily for yourself. It's not even for God because sexual immorality as a sin is against one's body according to scriptures. I'm not saying it doesn't honour God's standard, but that while it's for His glory, it's for your good. Do it for yourself whether someone appreciates it or not.

4. When the right man/woman isn't showing up on time, don't be reminding God of how chaste you've been. Don't make your chastity a basis for God to grant you a spouse. I've seen people grumble and murmur to God claiming that they ought to have been married since they've kept themselves. It's ignorance. If anything, pray and trust God to bring the right person your way because you know He wants the best for you.

5. Don't be so desperate to marry a virgin because you're a virgin that you miss the right person. Some people have lost the right persons because they weren't virgins. The right person for you is not a perfect person with a perfect past. Some who have lost their virginity have learnt chastity and are better in many other areas. People ask me today, 'How come you are able to bear the fact that your future wife has been abused sexually so much?' The reason is simple. Though I've never slept with any woman but I've never sought to marry a virgin as much I've sought to marry the right person. From day one, it's never been an issue. She is the right person and not even a virgin can turn my heart away from her. I love her baje baje.

With these few points of mine. I hope I've been able to convince you and not confuse you that you need more than chastity to have a great relationship and marriage. I've been waiting, I'm waiting, I'll wait. And while I'm waiting, I'm learning so much.


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