It's Beyond the 70 Virgins...

                                                     It is Beyond the 70 Virgins...

The summation of all desire is, satisfaction!

But, is satisfaction really possible?
Are human wants no longer insatiable, as propounded by the economists?
What can truly satisfy?

These and the likes are some of the questions in the minds of many around the world today.

Surely, there must be one 'Thing'  that can truly satisfy.

Something to ponder over:

- A man climbs the highest cadre in his career... or becomes the Chairman (if that is highest rank to attain in the hierarchy of leadership) of his industry, but when it is time for him to retire, he becomes sad and wants to rescind the terms of service that he had signed abinitio.

Then, he remembers all the disruptive innovations he had wanted to bring into the organization (which he refused to believe were real or necessary) throughout his 35 years in office...

Or he goes spiritual like many resort to in this part of Heaven, whenever their self-designed foolishness dawns on them...

He suddenly begins to identify those who are after his life and those who don't want his success (the same folks he has leveraged on to leapfrog all through his career journey 👌).

Remember, he has not been picking up phone calls, all because his job is so tedious. So he tells his family and friends.
He has not been honouring invitations, just because he has been hyper-busy with his job...

He has been telling his wife, children and kinfolks, 'don't worry, I will soon retire from this stupid work and then dedicate all my time and life's remainder just to you'! Akuko- story.

Now, the hour comes for him to draw the curtain and pass on the baton, but he is bitter, despondent and recalcitrant!

What is his problem? What does he want?
_ Satisfaction!

- A man is deluded that there is a reservoir of 70 to 400 Virgins for one man (him) at a yonder planet 😋. Out of this world! Isn't it?

I think King Solomon of Israel learnt it the hard way. Otherwise, how could he have declared all was vanity?

So, what does he need to do to achieve this onerous; lifetime feat? Just blow up other people's skulls, destroy lives and properties. The Virgins are his!

Such hallucination!

Dear reader, I can selflessly give you this for free. Take it to any bank, it will cash: NO MAN TRULY WANTS MORE THAN ONE WIFE!

So, what is the craze?
What is the hullabaloo?
- Satisfaction!

- A man earns in tens of thousands. He wishes, if only he could hit it in the hundreds of thousands, the long agitated world peace would happen in a second!
He makes a million plus, the earth is still under Heaven....

Then, he resorts to falsification of figures and manipulation of systems, he still wants more.
He begins to divert public funds to his personal accounts and equity, and he is still very much far from his target.

Furthermore, he tries money rituals, joins evil cults, kills humans to appease his gods for more money and to 'guarantee his safety'...
The quest continues, he becomes a 5th time President.
He bags 100,000 Chieftaincy titles (and still counting). He becomes head of dead Council of Elders (while he is still alive).
Nothing seems to fill his tiny cup...
Not even obtaining the prestigious PhD degrees, acquiring the 'Bananas of Islands' nor the 'Lamborghinis of cars' can suffice.

Like the Bible puts it: "Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools" (Romans 1:22 NIV).

What's the matter? I mean, what's the missing link?
What's all the stress?
- Satisfaction!

Only One 'Thing'  Truly Satisfies.

You know, I have been around for a few days...not very long though.
I've witnessed some events...not so many though.
I've had some personal experiences in life...not so frabjous by the way.
But, this truth remains parallel: ONLY JESUS CHRIST CAN TRULY SATISFY!

Christ is that peace of God that passes all understanding, which the Apostle Paul prayed about for the Philippian Church -  Philippians 4:7.

This was was what the great Patriarchs of faith knew, hoped for and lived for.

Christ was that city with foundation, whose builder and maker is God. I mean that city that Abraham sought enerstly for.

Christ is that 'Thing'  that can make a man count everything but dung.

When you find Christ, you find everything.

You are at rest.
You are at peace.
You are truly satisfied!


The RichKing.

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