5 Sales Best Practices

As an experienced sales representative, you know there’s both an art and science to selling. This five-step process will help you exceed customer expectations and recommend the product or servuce that best suits your customers’ needs.

1. Greet. The goal of this stage is to create a friendly environment for the customer. Meet and greet the customer on arrival. Smile and share enthusiasm of your brand. Even when giving customers space, be visible and available at all times.

2. Engage. Rather than jumping into a blind product recommendation, take the time to build a rapport with your customer. At this stage, you can also demo a product (if any) to create interest.

3. Listen. Ask open-ended questions to learn about customers’ requirements and find the right solution. Show customers you’ve listened by repeating back their biggest concerns and tying your product recommendations directly to their needs.

4. Tailor. Once you’ve determined which product best suits your customer’s needs, create your brand's experience by demonstrating product features and encouraging the customer to interact with the product.

5. Follow Up. You’ve made the sale. Great! But your job isn’t done. Your actions at this stage can turn a one-time customer into a lifelong customer. Before customers leave, check in to make sure they are happy with the final sale. 

Let them know who to contact if they need help and encourage them to come back and shop again.

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