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Have ever faced a customer's objection to your 'hard earned' advice recently? Well, not to worry, I've got some tips to aid you in getting it better next time.

First, Objections are normal and should be viewed as an opportunity to get closer to completing a deal.
Objections are a sign that the customer is interested in a product but needs more information.
The fact that they are raising their concerns means that they are giving you a chance to answer their question.

If someone is completely uninterested in buying the product, they won't bother to object. Generally they will listen to your presentation in silence and then say they are not ready to buy

Before the main tips, let me quickly point out some ideas that may be helpful as well:

-  An objection is NOT a complaint.

-  Avoid responding immediately to an objection.

-  Empathize with the customer when they have an objection.

-  Ask the customer “Why do you think so?” to understand the objection.

-  Avoid objections by understanding the customer's needs.

-  Communicate the value that you will provide over another competitor.

  • Don’t be defensive or arrogant. 
  • Avoid responding with “But” or “However” as these are contradictions.  
  • Avoid using features and technical jargon.
  • Don’t ignore the customer’s objection and push your agenda.

Please, feel free to share your thoughts.

The RichKing.

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