That's Not All For Today!

That's Not All For Today! 

Facebook got it wrong here. 

Something interesting as I was going through
ON THIS DAY  menu on my Facebook timeline... 

And I saw the activities reports for this date- 

* Those I became friends friends with on this date 

*My posts on this date 

* My events on this date 

*Other memoirs I shared on this date... 

Such rendezvous. 

Then, came Facebook note: THAT'S ALL FOR TODAY! 

I said, no! 

That's not all for today! 

Remember, this wasn't my first time of seeing that note. 

And make no mistakes about it, I understand exactly Facebook was trying to say. 

You see, that's how the society tells us...

'That's how much grace you have or can get'

'That's how much money you can make'

'You can't live more than your salary'

'That's all you can achieve or become '

' That's how far you can go'

And the likes... 

We hear such things everyday, and virtually in every place! 

In fact, we started hearing them from the day we were born! 

Even our parents told us, 'We can't afford your education in that school.'

Or such idioms like, 

'You can't see what we see sitting, even if you climb an Iroko tree!'

We grew up with abbreviated insight about life and who we really are. 

Oh what joy to know that all we see or hear are not all there is about you! 

From this day, I refuse to be hemmed in by the obfuscation that the society has churched me into. 

There's more for me, in me, with me, and through me. 

I can know more! 
I can be more! 
I can give more! 
I can do more! 
I can have more! 


This time, 

Even God isn't disturbed about 'the more'. 😀

Who's in with me? 

I am Makarios (Greek):


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