1) Identify a need of the people living around you and solve that need. Then you will smile your way to the bank.

2) Live below your means, irrespective of
whatever you earn.

3) Be slow to spend. If you have to, then spend less and save more.

4) Be quick to save and invest; invest more wisely.

5) Diversification of investments is the best strategy for wealth creation. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

6) Always bear in mind that wealth does not begin with cash; it begins with vision and information. It begins with ideas.

7) Money is the reward for solving problems. It is the reward for services rendered. So keeping on delivering services and you will be rewarded.

8) If you have a vision, the vision will attract provision.

9) Lack of ideas is lack of cash. Think out an idea and boom you are on your way to the bank.

10) Money is a means, vision is the end. So use the means to achieve the end.

11) You don’t become wealthy by how much you make, you become rich by how much you keep- by how much you save and invest.

12) Always bear in mind that when wealth increases, expenses always increase to match it.

13) Don’t give or invest based on where you are, give or invest based on where you are going to.

14) Note that until you are financially free, you are not completely free.

15) God does not give you what you ask; He gives you what you can manage.

16) Money does not answer prayers. It answers only to giving and wise investments.

17) He that goes a-borrowing goes a-sorrowing. Why? Because borrowing is self-slavery and imprisonment.

18) Don’t invest in unfamiliar waters.

19) Always have in mind that the best things in life are free. They cannot be bought with money e.g. health, long life, wisdom, happiness, integrity, peace.

20) Believe in the power of compound interest P (1+r/100) n. Always keep on re-investing.

21) If you want additions, work, but if you want multiplication, invest.

22) Draw up a plan to acquire the desired wealth, and then seek the shortest and most direct path to achieve it. Nobody ever makes money without a plan to make money.

23) Giving is living, because everything that lives gives. Giving is part of life. In order to create wealth you must give.

24) The basics for wealth creation are seeds of ideas. Creation begins with an idea- a dream seed. In Genesis 1:26a God said, ‘’ Let us make man in our own image, according to our likeness.’’ We all originated from God’s idea.

25) Any prayer that doesn’t end in ‘’ what to do’’ is not yet answered. Your prayer is answered, once God gives you an idea.

26) Always seek advice from experts.

27) Never spend your money before you make it.

28) Think big, start small and watch it grow.

29) Always be ready to take the risk and join the millionaires.

30) Lastly, believe in the Law of Abundance.

If you apply these principles in your life there will be a great change in your life.
See you at the spot (Success).

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