Thursday Brings It Together is a new trading platform for cryptocurrencies and ICO tokens. will also provide advisory services to companies launching ICOs. is the European cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.

The founder of is Pierre Noizat. Pioneer of the bitcoin protocol in France, Pierre has worked on cryptography-related projects since the 90s, notably with DirecTV, Canal+ and Orange, and founded Paymium, a euro/bitcoin exchange platform, in 2011. He also co-founded the Association Bitcoin France and has penned numerous books on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. He’s been a speaker at the Bitcoin SuperConference in Dallas, at the Bitcoin Conferences in San José and Amsterdam, and at Vivatech in Paris.

Your Gateway to the Internet of Value.
The European cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.

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 More about and some key features:

Decentralized Settlement.
Liquidity Services.

Built on Paymium’s proven security and technological record.

A high level of digital asset protection and safe record of transactions.

Built on fair-exchange protocols enabling cryptocurrency atomic swaps to mitigate counter-part risk.

Advisory and technology services to execute third-party ICOs.

New listing and market making services to foster enhance.

Other Features:

Safe and Secure:

Regulated Adoption ofCryptocurrencies.

Fully compliant
& transparent
Exhaustive accounting records regularly audited. Aims to comply with all applicable regulations and international laws.

& non-custodial
Encrypted cold storage and cryptographic proof of reserves.
Fair-exchange protocols to eliminate the counter-party risk.

Minimal downtime, restricted to maintenance, or migration. Resilience under high volume or DOS attacks. No technical debt.

digital currencies
Listing of currencies following a technical selection process (sustainability, technical and deep protocol reviews)

Institutional ICO
& token listing
An ICO service going from planning and execution of ICO campaign to providing ICO token liquidity via listing on at the outset of the ICO.

Paymium is the first European platform for buying and selling bitcoins, offering a service fully-compliant with European regulations. Paymium makes it possible to keep bitcoins in a fully-secured environment, swap them for euros and transfer them to other media anywhere in the world. Paymium also offers a trading interface for its most advanced users. Currently, Paymium has 170,000 registered on its marketplace. will offer decentralized settlement as an option using advanced “atomic swap”-type protocols, enabling users to keep control of their coins. Decentralized settlement means non-custodial trade execution where the parties first escrow their coins then receive their payout in the selected cryptocurrency. When this option is activated for a trade, the crypto exchange platform does not act as a custodian but rather facilitates matches through its public order book.

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